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First Aid Kit For Your Pooch Part 1 the Basics


You may go through life with your dog never having an accident. May you never have to take your canine companion to an emergency. In all likelihood, you will not avoid some of the cuts and bruises that fall into every dog owner’s life. Like children and other small animals, dogs have mishaps. They cut their paws or legs. A cat scratches a nose. They need to have wounds bandaged. They may need to take medicine. They get cases of diarrhea from eating the wrong things. Dogs need first aid.

If you wish to be prepared for life’s bumps and bruises, you should put together a first aid kit for your dog. Make sure it is suitable for the size of your dog. Try to place within it the very basics. You can use a human’s first aid kit for a model. In fact, you can use one of your own First Aid Kits as a container for some of the material. If you are able, prepare 1 for your home and one for traveling. You might want to have a lighter version for trail walks and adventurous rambles. This holds doubly true if your dog is of the type called “accident prone.”

Basics For A Dog’s First Aid Kit

In the very least, your doggy’s aid kit should contain bandages, antiseptic, and some type of first aid cream and styptic powder. A pair of scissors is also helpful in cutting bandages and cutting away hair to expose a cut or wound. Each piece in the doggy aid kit has a specific purpose in helping your dog recover from minor cuts and abrasions. Each must be light enough to carry if you make it part of a travel kit, for a list of items you can view our first aid kit page and print it.

Bandages are the basic component of every first aid kit. These include a wide variety of types. You should have small bandages, self-adhesive bandages, gauze of various sizes and triangular bandages. You can also add larger gauze or tensor type bandages - those in rolls. These can act as an improvised muzzle in cases of an emergency. Some suggest the inclusion of either diapers or sanitary pads. These can act as compressors and double as large adhesive bandages.

Besides bandages, you will require some type of sterilizing agent. This can be in liquid or cream form. You may even obtain some in wipe forms. Hydrogen peroxide is a common liquid agent for cleaning wounds. There are, however, other antiseptic materials possible. Ask your Vet for suggestions or view our first aid kit page.

First aid creams are another component of a basic first aid doggy kit. The creams or unguents are antiseptic. They may not clean the wound, but the material helps healing. It may soothe the sting of the abrasion or burn. Vaseline or petroleum jelly has been a stand-by for years.

Another item you should have in your kit is a blood clotting factor. While you can obtain such from your vets, you can also by it at the pharmacy. Styptic powder is responsible for slowing down or stopping the flow of blood. It is effective on small to medium wounds.

The last component for the very basic doggy first aid kit is a pair of scissors. It is intended to help cut the bandages and any other material. Scissors can also remove hair that impedes viewing of the cut or wound. They may also come in handy for removing obstructions.

These are the very basic components of a dog’s first aid kit. Part 2 will look at other essentials you should seriously consider adding.

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