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Coronado Yorkies



Scammers are using the name Coronado Yorkies Beware


There is a website that is a scam please beware: they are using my name Coronado Yorkies

This Fraudulent website has stolen my name, Coronado Yorkies and has copied the info from my home page. The info on the puppies is also stolen, I still can not find where they took the pictures from. If you go to copyscape.com and run their URL: www.trainedteacupyorkiepuppies.webs.com , it will show you exactly the info they have copied from mine and other sites.  I am trying to get them shut down but it is taking a little longer than I hoped.

This is what shows up if you Google Coronado Yorkies it shows up on page 3.

As you can see it says Welcome to Coronado Yorkies and this is not my site.

This site has been tagged as a scam by: www.trainedteacupyorkiepuppies.webs.com
A red flag that they are a Fraudulent website, is that there is no phone number, no address, and no links, all they have is an email address lovelynanii@yahoo.com. These are the website that you need to stay away from.

If you want more info on all the scams out their you must visit Cybercrimeops.com they are a group that watches for scams and post them they will also help if they can, they have been very helpful to me.

Again be very alert there are so many scams out there and allot of them are from Cameroon.

I have noticed that allot of these scams are hosted through Webs.com I have contacted them and they have still not emailed me back, There is also a Web.com this one is ok and they would have helped me but I had the wrong web host the one I needed has an s in it Webs.com.

I hope this helps if you find yourself trying to get scammed, visit Cybercrimeops.com to see what scams are active and what others have gone through, if you find a scam report it to them, it takes all of us to keep a watch so they do not scam others.

I will keep you posted on any updates.

To find more scams Google : Cameroon Scams and you will be surprised how many their are: 


Mario Coronado

Updated 11-08-2010

On this day Nov. 8, 2010 this site has been shut down. Thanks to Lisa at cybercrimeops for all her help in stopping these scammers. If you find your self in my position email Lisa at  lisa.cybercrimeops@gmail.com  she will help you.













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